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90% of photography and video revolves around the same workflow, and we’re proud to offer both services to our clients.

We know you want excellence, and we know that realistically, your audience want it right now.

But when the pressure to get ‘that one shot’ is really on, concentrating on one or the other always works best.

That’s when we call on our photography partner Conor McCabe. Conor photographs people and events for a large slate of corporate and PR clients from a base in Dublin, but has travelled all over the world creating perfect and compelling images.

He shares our passion for technical excellence and eye-catching artistry, as well as lightning fast delivery, meaning that Conor’s images regularly appear in National and Regional Newspapers, Trade Magazines and websites.


Couple that with Acmhainní’s unique on-site editing service delivering lightning fast video packages, and you’ll never need to send a press release with a hasty iPhone shot to your contacts again – We can put your audience at your event while they sit in the comfort of their own homes.

Some of Our Photography Work