Full corporate video suite delivered for Sensys Technology

Acmhainní Teoranta are delighted to announce that our client Sensys’ new website has recently launched, deploying some of our video content.

Developed by Webmakers in Navan, this slick new site was intended to serve as a first point of call for customers interested in Sensys’ wide range of technology solutions for various markets.

Screengrab of the Sensys homepage at www.sensys.ie

Sensys’ homepage, www.sensys.ie as viewed on a desktop

Our brief was to develop and execute a suite of video content for Ben and the Sensys team that made best use of their budget, explained a varied slate of offerings to a wide parish of potential customers, and fitted in with their sleek, ultra-modern design scheme.

A complicator was that we also wanted to serve up the content in a mobile-friendly manner, which is not easy given the file-sizes inherent in HD video.

Sensys’ homepage as viewed on a mobile device

We set to work, and it quickly became apparent that here was a chance to deploy customer-targeted content in a very interesting way – we could keep our shooting overhead down for the client, and recycle content into hand-crafted messages for each of their target audiences.

This meant we could deliver a hero element overarching thesis for the website’s homepage, a background banner video which fit with the site’s style, and a series of shorter pieces which spoke to Sensys’ fantastic services across several key offerings, all on-time within budget, and in a manner that played nice with mobile platforms.

Sensys’ Managing Director, Ben Killeen said:

“We were delighted to work with Conchubhair and the Acmhainní team on this project, and just as happy to see the end results out there, explaining our offerings, and bringing customers to us in a way we couldn’t have managed with text and photos alone.
Acmhainní’s plan to split what we recorded to help us speak to specific audiences was exactly what we needed, and means we can repurpose the videos even further going forward. We couldn’t be happier to recommend Acmhainní to anyone who needs original and creative video content.”

These are precisely the sorts of projects we enjoy helping our clients with in Acmhainní – Making creative use of available screen real estate to deliver content that punches way above its budgetary constraints.

If you’ve got a project you feel could benefit from the creative and holistic application of these sorts of video and digital design principles, why not get in touch and we’ll see what we can work out.

We’re always happy to discuss these sorts of things over coffee, so feel free to use our contact page to get in touch.


Acmhainni Teoranta
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