Our Digital Video Production Services Winning Bigly

Acmhainní Teoranta are delighted to announce that our digital, corporate, drone, and video production services have been recognised by the online business directory peig.ie (PEIG) as their gnó na míosa / business of the month.

Peig have been running their business directory for several years now with a view to connecting Irish speakers with businesses with a proven track record in excellence in their field, and availability through Irish.

Dáire Ó Faogáin, Conradh na Gaeilge and Peig.ie’s Multimedia Platform Developer said: “Acmhainní Teoranta succeeded in winning the accolade for Business of the Month for May on PEIG. The Business of the Month award’s aim is to promote the importance of Irish language services being made available throughout the country, and to showcase that they are worth their place.

“There are other such platforms, such as an Euro Gaelach on facebook, which help substantively with these efforts – showing that these services are available, to the highest standards, to anyone who wants them. This accolade was conferred on Acmhainní Teoranta in May because of the services they provide, the high standard to which they provide them, and the professionalism in Conchubhair’s methodologies and work.

“It is fantastic to see services within the digital realm being made available through Irish, which only serves to strengthen the language in the media especially.

Acmhainní Teoranta are over the moon with this level of recognition of our services, and look forward to adding even more services and interesting pieces to our Corpus in the coming months and years.


Acmhainni Teoranta
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