200 Million People Set To Watch Our Work All Over Europe

200 Million People Set To Watch Our Work All Over Europe

Acmhainní Teoranta were delighted to recently be asked to shoot the drone footage for Ireland’s entry for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Directed by the Uber-talented Jonathan Lambert, and shot on location in Bray, ‘Dying To Try’ sung by Brendan Murray, is already going down a treat with fans of the celebration of song, European culture, and rigged geo-political conflict-avoiding voting all over the world.

In fact, since its upload to both YouTube and Facebook in the last few days, it has already amassed over a quarter of a million views, and bookies are already shortening the odds on RTÉ having a job to do next year!

Check out the video:

We’ll be signing autographs somewhere in Dublin on the big night.

If you’ve got a stone beach, open to the public, that looks great when shot at stupid o’clock in the morning, and you need drone footage… Why not get in touch and we’ll see what we can work out. But definitely bring coffee for that one. Definitely coffee…

Acmhainni Teoranta
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